Please read this User Agreement before using and the bot. Registration (authorization) in the bot will mean your acceptance of the terms of the User Agreement.

The text of the User Agreement, permanently posted on the Internet at the network address:, contains all the essential terms of the Agreement - the agreement of accession, and is a public offer containing the conditions on which User s are given the opportunity to use the site and the bot permanently available on the Internet at the network addresses:, Acceptance of this offer is the commission of any individual action on authorization in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.

The Agreement and privacy policy are subject to change at any time. Changes are published on the site and enter into force upon publication.

ATTENTION! If you do not agree with the terms of the User Agreement, do not log in to Bot and do not use the services of this project.

1. Terms and definitions.

1.1 In the Agreement, unless the text expressly states otherwise, the following terms will have the meanings specified below:

1.2. Bemillion (and/or Site) – is the Internet resource, which is a collection of information and objects of intellectual property (including texts, graphic elements, graphic design of the interface (design), images, photo and video materials and other intellectual property contained in the information system that ensures the availability of such information on the Internet at the network address: The site is an informational Internet resource intended for User s to receive information in particular bot's info

1.3. Telegram – is cross-platform instant messenger that allows you to exchange messages and media files owned by a legal entity Telegram Messenger LLP.

1.3. Bot (and / or a Bemiilon bot) - is a collection of information, text, graphic elements, design, images, photo and video materials and other intellectual property, as well as computer programs contained in the information system (platform) created through the open API Telegram, which provides availability of such information on the Internet in a cross-platform Telegram messenger at

1.4. The bot is an online resource designed to provide entertainment and attraction services to individuals.

1.5. Agreement – is the User Agreement, which is the Public Offer, in general, without exceptions and reservations.

1.6. Administrator – is a person who has legal rights to own, use and dispose of the Site and the Bot and provides the Site and the Bot for the use of the User in order to provide the latest entertainment services provided for in the Agreement.

"UnionX N.V."
Country - Curaçao (CW)
Company ID – 172559
Registration address - Heelsumstraat 51 E-Commerce Park.

1.7. User - is a person who has entered into an Agreement with the Administrator, by accepting this offer, located on the Internet at the network address: https: // Employees of the site owner and his relatives are not entitled to accept this offer and enter into an Agreement.

1.8. Winner – is a User selected by the random selection mechanism of the winner as the sole recipient of the Prize.

1.9. Registration – is a set of actions of the User in accordance with the instructions on the Website, performed by the User using a special form of the User interface in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement.

1.10. Prize - is award to the winner in competitions held at Bemillion Bot.

1.11. The ticket is an electronic confirmation of participation in the Bemillion Bot contests. Ticket is not a product or reporting document.

1.12. Service - is the actions of the Administrator in organizing the work of the Bot and providing the User with an opportunity to spend leisure time in the form of participation in games and entertainment using the services of the Bot on a reimbursable and / or free basis.

1.13. Virtual game balance (Balance) – is the amount of Coins displayed in virtual units of the bot, for the convenience of the User .

1.14. Information – is any materials and information provided by the User during use.

1.15. All other terms and definitions found in the text of the Agreement are interpreted by the Parties in the context of the meaning of the terms specified in clause 1.1. of the Agreement, and in accordance with the usual rules of interpretation of the relevant terms established on the Internet, not inconsistent with the provisions of the Agreement.

1.16. The titles of the headings (articles) of the Agreement are intended only for the convenience of using the text of the Agreement and have no literal legal meaning.

2. User authorization and personal data.

2.1. The User is registered in the Bot using the data of his Telegram account according to the policy of the Telegram messenger.

2.2 The User uses the Telegram User name and ID of the Telegram account to register with the Bot.

2.3. Persons under the 18 years old (“Eligible Age”), which is mandatory for legitimate participation in gambling under the laws of a particular jurisdiction, are prohibited from using the Bot. Use of the Bot by persons under the Eligible Age is a direct violation of the Agreement.

2.4. Online gambling is prohibited by law in some jurisdictions. By accepting the Agreement, the User is aware that the Company cannot provide guarantees or legal consultation regarding the legitimacy of using the Bot in the territory of the jurisdiction in which the player is located. The User s use the services of the Bot on their own and takes full responsibility, well aware of all possible risks.

2.5. By accepting the Agreement, the User confirms and guarantees that the use of the Bot complies with the laws and regulations in force in its territory. The Administrator of the Bot is not responsible for the illegal use of the services of the Bot.

2.6. User s are fully responsible for paying taxes and fees, which apply to any winnings received as a result of using the Bot. In cases where, according to the laws of a particular jurisdiction, a tax charge must be paid for the winnings, all responsibility for the preparation of documentary reports lies on the User .

2.7. The use of the Site and the Bot is permitted only for non-commercial purposes, aimed at meeting the personal emotional and psychological needs of User s.

2.8. The Administrator of the Site and the Bot does not verify the accuracy of the information provided or received from the User s, does not control their legal capacity, as it presumes, and proceeds from the fact that the User in all cases, without exception, provides complete and reliable information about himself.

2.8. Information obtained in the automatic mode from the software services used by the User s when using the Site, in particular:

- Data about the hardware stationary device that is used by the User when visiting the Site, including the brand (model), the operating system and its version, the unique device identifier;

- Data on the mobile communication network, model (brand) of the phone, the location of the User , if a mobile device is used to enter the Site;

- Data recorded in server logs, in particular, information about User s' search queries, cookies, IP-address, system failures, etc.;

- Data about the User 's provider's domain, country of its location;

- Any other information (data) relating to the User , obtained about him during the use of the Site, including in automatic mode.

2.9. If within 12 months in a row the User does not perform authorization in the Bot, the Administrator has the right to terminate the Agreement, notifying the User of this in personal messages in Telegram. If within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of notification, the User has not made an authorization in the Bot and has not resumed use of the Services of the Bot, the Agreement with a specific User is considered terminated.

2.11. Since during authorization at the Bot, the User does not need to provide the Administrator with any personal data of the User , during the period of legal relations between the Parties to the Agreement and after termination of the Agreement, the Administrator does not bear any obligations to the User to protect the personal data of the User .

2.12. The site does not use or store cookies, and does not use or store personal payment information of the User .

3. General Terms and Conditions.

3.1. The Agreement is a public offer, in accordance with the Art. 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and enters into force upon the expression by the participant of the lottery in accordance with its terms (acceptance).

3.2. The subject of the Agreement is the proposal of the Administrator, addressed to a potential User , to receive, using the services of the Site and Bot, entertainment and attraction Services strictly on the terms of the Agreement.

3.3 The person accepting this offer becomes the User and undertakes to use the Site and the Bot only under the terms of the Agreement.

3.4. The User guarantees that he/she does not suffer from gambling addiction.

3.5. The User guarantees that he/she is not a citizen and does not visit the Site and Bot from the territory of the following countries: USA, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia.

3.6. The User guarantees that he is aware of the laws of online gambling in his country of residence. Access of the User to the Site and Bot does not mean that he/she can use the Services legally of his jurisdiction. In the event that a User is unaware of or consciously uses the Site in the context of the legislation of the jurisdiction of the country in which the User is located, the User accepts the risks of such use of the Site.

3.7. The use of the Site Services by persons who do not have full legal capacity (both in age and health) in accordance with the rules and laws of the relevant jurisdiction (country of residence of an individual) is prohibited. Bemillion has the right at any time to require the User to provide information and documents confirming the rights and powers, as indicated above.

3.8. The provision of services by the Administrator is aimed at ensuring the possibility of leisure activities by the User s in the form of participation in risk-free games and entertainment.

3.9. The User Agreement may be changed by the Administrator at any time without special notification of this to the User . The new edition of the User Agreement comes into force from the moment of its placement on Bemillion. Regular familiarization with the current edition of the User Agreement is the responsibility of the User . The use of Bemillion after the entry into force of the new edition of the User Agreement means that the User agrees with it and applies to it in full the provisions of the new version of the User Agreement.

3.10. Bemillion is a platform that allows the Administrator to independently posts proposals addressed to an indefinite circle of persons to perform the Event in relation to the Prize, which the Administrator or the Organizer of the draw is entitled to dispose of, and the Participants accept at their discretion and responsibility the proposals posted on the Site or Bot.

3.11. Regardless of whether the User is registered or authorized in the Bot, the use of the Bot, including viewing the information posted on the Bot, means that the User agrees to the User Agreement, the Terms of Bot’s use, and assumes the obligation to follow the instructions on using the Bot, as well as responsibility for using the Bot.

3.12. The Bemillion Services provided at any time can be changed, supplemented, updated, changed the form and nature of the functionality without prior notice to the User . Bemillion has the right, if it is necessary, to terminate (temporarily or permanently) the provision of the Services (or any particular functions) to all User s in general or to an individual User , in particular, without prior notice.

3.13. If in the process of using the Bot fails to work, the Company will try to correct the situation as soon as possible. The company is not responsible for the problems in the information technology tools that have arisen as a result of the equipment used by players to access the Bot, as well as for failures in the work of Internet providers.

3.14. The company, its distributors, branches, licensees, subsidiaries, as well as employees and managers are not responsible for any losses and damages arising from the interception or misuse of information transmitted via the Internet.

4. Bot services.

4.1. Services provided in Bot are infotainment.

4.2. The services of the Bot serve to meet the personal emotional and psychological needs of User s and are built on the principle of a simulator. That is, with the help of the services presented in the Bot, the Consumer can experience emotional satisfaction from his participation.

4.3. The services provided by the Administrator of the Bot are not services for the organization and conduct of risk-based games, and are not other services for which the User bears any material risks. That is, services are not processes in which the User enters into a risk-based win Agreement. Services provided by the Administrator of the Bot do not contain elements of a gambling game, do not contain elements and signs of a risk-based win Agreement (risk-based games, risk games).

5. Procedure for using the services of the Bot.

5.1 When providing Services Bot uses virtual game units - Coins.

5.2. Virtual game units are necessary to take into account the rights of User s to the amount of Services that the User has the right to consume in Bot.

5.3. Coins – are exist only within the framework of certain (used and/or supported by the Bot) software, and have no equivalent in the objective real world.

5.4. Coins - are not virtual and/or electronic money, cannot be exchanged for money and/or other objects of rights.

5.5. Coins available on the User ’s Balance in Bot can be spent last to participate (purchase a ticket) in different types of games represented in the Bot as an entertainment and amusement Service.

5.6. To participate in a particular game in the Bot, the User buys a Ticket, as a result, Coins are written off from the User ’s balance in the amount determined by the rules of Bot.

5.7. The ability of the User to participate in the games in the Bot continues until the balance of the virtual game units of the User in the Bot is reset.

5.8. The Administrator may cancel the conduct of certain Games without prior notice to User s. In this case, the Administrator restores the virtual game units spent by the User when making a Ticket purchase on the balance of the User in Bot.

6. Payment.

6.1. Prices for Coins are set by the Administrator and may be changed by decision of the Administrator. Prices are listed in the appropriate section of the Bot.

6.2. The User has the right to pay for the Services of the Bot using one of the payment methods provided for in the Bot. Payment is made by the User through the electronic payment system aggregator (electronic payment system), which allows in real time to pay for goods and services via the Internet, including Bot Services.

6.3. Payment obligations are deemed fulfilled by the User , in the event of a positive result of payment authorization in the electronic payment system used to pay for the Site Services. Proof of payment is information of the electronic payment system about the payment made.

6.4. When paying for the Site Services through the electronic payment system used to pay for the Site Services, the payment system may charge a fee to the User according to the rules of the payment system (electronic payment system). The Administrator is not responsible for the collection of such fees by payment systems.

6.5. The Administrator charges a fee of 10% of all payments made in Bot, as a fee for using entertainment and amusement services and services of Bot Bemillion.

6.6. Refund for paid (and not consumed) Services Bot is not provided. The Administrator has the right to refuse to return the funds, or to deduct an additional fee for the return of funds covering the costs of processing such a refund. In some cases, at the discretion of the Administrator, returns may be available only in the manner in which the Bot Services were paid.

6.7. The Administrator does not control the hardware-software complex of the payment system and is not responsible for errors in such hardware-technical complex. If as a result of such errors, the User ’s funds were written off, but the payment was not authorized by the electronic payment system, the obligation to return the funds to the User lies with the provider / aggregator of the electronic payment system (payment system).

6.8. When replenishing the Balance with any of the available methods on the Site, the User guarantees that the funds used by him belong only to him and are received by legal means. The Administrator, in order to use the paid services of the Site, prohibits the use of third-party funds, including relatives, friends, partners of the User , etc. The User is obliged to deposit funds only from his account, payment card or payment system registered in the name of the User . In case of revealing the facts of violation of this condition, the User ’s Balance may be cancelled and blocked.

6.9. The Administrator has the right to additionally carry out the User verification procedure, in case the User is suspicious actions with the Balance when replenishing or returning funds from the Balance. And also to take the necessary actions to prevent and detect the case of fraudulent actions or money laundering, criminally obtained. The list of requested information, in each case of such verification, is determined by the Administrator at its discretion.

6.10. The User is fully aware that using the Bot can lead to the loss of virtual gaming units, the User assumes full responsibility for any possible losses. The User confirms that he uses the Bot at his own request, decision and at his own’s risk. The User has no right to make to the Company and Bemillion any claims related to its losses.

6.11. The User will not refuse transactions, will not deny or cancel the payments made, which may be a reason to return the money to a third party and allow it to escape from legal liability.

6.12. In the case of a bank transfer request for the return of funds to their rightful owner, all costs and commissions are paid by the recipient.

6.13. The User is fully aware and accepts the fact that the balance is not a bank account. Consequently, in relation to it, the methods of insurance, replenishment, guarantees and other methods of protection from the deposit insurance system and other security systems do not work. Interest is not accrued on the money in the gaming account.

6.14. The User agrees to pay all services and/or goods or other additional services ordered by him in the bot, as well as all additional costs (if it is necessary), including, but not limited to, all kinds of taxes, duties, etc. The User is fully responsible for the timely payment of all payments. The payment service provider provides only the payment in the amount indicated by the Bot and is not responsible for the payment of the above-mentioned additional amounts by the User of the Bot. After pressing the button "Payment", it is considered that the payment has been processed and it has been irrevocably completed. By clicking the "Payment" button, the User agrees that he will not be able to cancel the payment or request its withdrawal. By placing an order in the Bot, the User confirms and indicates that he does not violate the laws of any state. Additionally, by accepting the provisions of these rules (and/or the Terms and Conditions), the User , as the owner of a payment card, confirms that he has the right to use the goods and / or services offered in Bot.

6.15. Starting to use the services of the Bot, the User assumes legal responsibility for compliance with the laws of any state where this service is used, and confirm that the payment service provider is not responsible for any illegal or unauthorized violation. By agreeing to use the services of the Bot, the User understands and accepts that the processing of any payment is carried out by the payment service provider, and there is no legal right to return already purchased services and/or goods or other payment cancellation options.

6.16. The payment service provider is not responsible for the refusal/inability to process data associated with the User 's payment card, or for the refusal associated with non-receipt of permission from the issuing bank to make a payment using the User 's payment card. The provider of payment services is not responsible for the quality, volume, price of any service and/or product offered by the User or purchased by the User in Bot, using a payment card. Paying for any services and/or goods in the Bot, the User is first of all obliged to follow the rules of using the Bot. The provider of payment services is only the executor of the payment in the amount specified in the Bot and is not responsible for any pricing, total prices and/or total amounts.

7. Avoiding discrepancies.

7.1. In the games that make up the Bot Services, random generation is used (a certified random number generator) when determining the result of a game as a simulator (for example, a roulette simulator), i.e. the program recreates for User s in the visual and attraction character the process of “drawing”.

7.2. When using the Bot service –– the game on the simulator - the User has no risk, as the User paid for participation in the game on the simulator beforehand and irrevocably (by purchasing Coins) and any result of the simulator game can return the money to the User (spent on paying entertainment and entertainment). services in the form of - receiving psycho-emotional satisfaction from participation in the simulated process of "drawing").

7.3. The User agrees that nowhere and in no other way, either in Bot or outside of Bot will attempt to make third-party transactions, the result of which could be the User ’s exchange of their virtual gaming units of the Site for money and / or for any material assets and rights of obligations.

7.4. The winners are determined by the site The Administration of the Internet resource does the technical work to determine the winners through the API and therefore guarantees the validity and correctness of the result, that is, does not allow distortion of the results of the drawing.

8. User Obligations

8.1. The User undertakes to act only in accordance with the Bemillion Terms of Service, the Site and Bot Terms of Use, the Promotional Event Rules, and be fully responsible for their own actions and omissions on the Bemillion and when using the Site and Bot.

8.2. The User -Friendly Services Bemillion may be used solely for the purposes for which such Services are intended Bemillion. The User is prohibited to use the Services, as well as any information obtained on the Website for purposes other than intended. Bemillion may, at any time, at its own discretion, conduct a random inspection of the Descriptions, messages from Buyers sent to the Organizers via the Bemillion communication form and / or the terms of use of the Services by User s for compliance with the User Agreement, including automatically using software. In the event of violations, as well as when receiving information from third parties about such violations or identifying a set of signs that may indicate, according to Bemillion, violations, Bemillion has the right to suspend or terminate the User ’s access to certain Services, including denying or blocking access to the Personal Account in Bot. By the sole decision of Bemillion, the blocking of accounts on the Site may be temporary or permanent, depending on the amount and number of violations by the User of this User Agreement and other rules of use of the Site established by Bemillion. If the User resolves the violations, Bemillion has the right to restore the previously blocked Description or the User ’s access to the account on the Site.

8.3. The User undertakes not to use automatic and other programs to gain access to Bemillion without the written permission of Bemillion. Without the permission of Bemillion, it is also not allowed to use, distribute, copy and/or extract with Bemillion in a manual or automatic way (using software) any materials or information (including Product Descriptions, texts, photos, etc.).

8.4. User also undertakes:

● doesn’t to take any action that could lead to a disproportionately large load on the infrastructure of Bemillion;

● doesn’t copy, reproduce, modify, distribute or submit to the public any information contained on the Bemillion (except Information provided by the User ) without the prior written permission of Bemillion and any third party;

● doesn’t interfere with the operation of Bemillion, and also do not interfere with the operation of automatic systems or processes, in order to block or restrict access to Bemillion.

8.5. In order to prevent or prevent violation of the User Agreement and/or damage Bemillion, Bemillion has the right to restrict the access of User s or third parties to Bemillion by blocking access to Bemillion of the corresponding IP-address or range of IP-addresses.

8.6. By accessing Bemillion, the User agrees to receive advertising information posted on Bemillion and in Bemillion Bot by third parties. The User understands and agrees that Bemillion does not determine the content and is not responsible for such information, including sites, links to which may be contained in the relevant materials.

8.7. The Bemillion User undertakes not to use any data provided by another User without the written permission of the person who posted such Information, or without confirming in any other way the right to use such Information.

8.8. If the User has a claim to another User in connection with the use of the latest Services and/or Descriptions posted by him, the User is obliged to notify Bemillion with the help of specialized Services and resolve it within the framework of the Dispute.

8.9. The User undertakes to observe discretion when choosing a counterparty, under his own responsibility decides to participate in the Event, based on the fact of placing the Description on Bemillion, independently verifying that the purchase of any Gift in the Description on Bemillion is valid and legal.

9. Settlement of disputes.

9.1. All disputes, disagreements and claims that may arise in connection with the execution, termination or invalidation of the Agreement, the Parties will seek to resolve by negotiation. The party with claims and/or disagreements sends a message to the other Party indicating any claims and/or disagreements that have arisen.

9.2. If the response to the message is not received by the sending party within 30 (thirty) working days from the date the corresponding message was sent, or if the parties do not come to an agreement on any claims and/or disagreements that have arisen during the same period, the dispute shall be resolved court order at the location of the Administrator.

10. Warranties and liability.

10.1. The User is responsible for actions performed on the Site and in the Bot, including liability for the content of the information placed by him and violation of the rights of third parties in respect of the Prize and/or information posted on the Site and in the Bot.

10.2. Bemillion is not responsible for the loss of information by the User , as well as for the distortion of information or the loss of a message received from Telegram Bot.

10.3. Considering the principles of construction and functioning of the Internet, the Services are provided "as is". This means that Bemillion does not guarantee the User that:

- Services, their direct or indirect effect and quality will meet the requirements and objectives of the User ;

- Services will be provided continuously, reliably and without errors;

- The results that will be obtained through the use of the Services will be accurate, reliable and meet the expectations of the User .

Software and hardware errors, both on the Administrator’s side and on the User ’s side, resulting in the inability of the User to gain access to the Site and Bot, are circumstances of insuperable force and grounds for relieving the Administrator of the Agreement of non-fulfilment of obligations.

10.4. Bemillion is not responsible for failure to perform or difficulties in the performance of obligations due to force majeure circumstances, the consequences of which cannot be avoided or overcome.

10.5. The Administrator does not guarantee and shall not be liable if the use of the Services of the Bot is prohibited by law and/or limited in the jurisdiction in which the User is located at the time of entering the Bot.

10.6. The Administrator does not guarantee the correct operation of the Blockchain network when issuing prizes in the cryptocurrency.

10.7. The Administrator is not responsible for the correct operation of the site

10.8. The Administrator is not responsible for the operation of the delivery services that sends the Prize. Including courier and transport companies.

10.9. The Administrator is not responsible if the User provides incorrect delivery data, as well as the address of the crypto-currency wallet. All risks associated with the delivery and issuance of prizes, the User assumes.

11. Award of prizes.

11.1. The administrator within 5 working days sends the Prize to the winner at the address specified by the user. Claims regarding the return of goods are not accepted.

11.2. In the competition Cryptomillon the results of the Prize happening on crypto-currency wallet provided by the User in Bitcon. The prize is paid in full, as described in the Bot.

11.3. At the end of the draw and determining the winner, the Administrator contacts the winner in a Telegram within 24 hours.

11.4. The user will provide the data Administrator to deliver the prize, including address crypto wallet for issuing prize CryptoMillion.

11.5. Administration buys the sponsors specified in the drawing prize in full according to the description in the Bot.

11.6. The administration sends the product Prize to the Winner by the transport company, mail and other methods agreed with the user.

11.7. Delivery of the prize is paid in full by the Winner. In case of refusal to pay for the delivery of the Prize, there is a re-drawing among the participants.

11.8. In cases where the Winner does not respond to the Administration, does not provide an address for delivery of the Prize, the Administration after 5 days from the date of determining the Winner holds a re-draw among the participants. The previous winner is deprived of the right to receive the Prize.

11.9. Determination of the Winner among the participants is automatic, after the purchase of the last in the ticket category.

12. User Agreement validity

12.1 The Agreement enters into force from the date of its posting on the Internet on the Site and Bot.

12.2 The Agreement is concluded for an indefinite period and loses its force when it is cancelled by the Administrator.

12.3 In the event of amendments to the Agreement, such changes will take effect from the moment of publication of the new version of the Agreement on the Website, unless a different date for entry into force of the amendments is determined further when they are published.

12.4 The User undertakes to independently monitor changes in the provisions of the Agreement and is responsible for the negative consequences associated with non-compliance with this obligation.

12.5 If the User disagrees with the amendments made to the Agreement, the User shall stop using the Bot. Otherwise, continued use by the User of the Bot, which does not correspond to the wishes and/or intentions of the User Bot, means that the User agrees to the terms of the Agreement in the new edition.

12.7 The Agreement was drafted In English. In case of any discrepancies between the version of the Agreement drawn up in English and the version of the Agreement translated into another language, the provisions of the Agreement drawn up in Russian will have priority and direct application.